Water Proofing Sealers

Waterproofing is a task that involves making use of sealers to protect a surface or a construction from potential damage that might be caused due to water. Waterproofing is required because the cost of repairing a damaged structure might be too high in comparison to the cost of protecting that structure from damage. There are a large number of waterproofing sealers available in the market and it becomes rather difficult to find out which waterproofing agent is good and which is not good. So let us take a look at some of the most effective and popularly used waterproofing sealers and see how they can be used to protect surfaces from water damage.

Seal Krete Commercial Grade Waterproofe

This is a tough yet breathable sealer that can help in protecting mortar and concrete structures from damage that is caused by hydrostatic pressure and moisture retention. The sealer can be added to paint to improve the speed of application and to increase its resistance to water.

The advantage of using this sealer is that it can also be used on vertical surfaces, something that you cannot do with most other sealers. The sealer is also OTC compliant and has low VOC’s. Also the sealant acts as a strong barrier against water penetration and can be applied using a brush, roller or a spray mechanism.

RadonSeal Ion-Bond Armor

RadonSeal Ion-Bond is basically a subsurface elastomeric sealer that works by penetrating the surface to be protected to form an elastomeric barrier inside the surface. The sealer can be used to waterproof almost any porous surface and is a permanent sealer. Once applied the sealer also helps in increasing the strength and durability of the surface that has been protected. Some of the unique features of this sealer include the following.

  • It penetrated almost up to 1-1/2” into the concrete surface.
  • The sealer even provides protection against snowmelt, free-thaw cycles and surface water.
  • The sealer is also capable of withstanding high hydrostatic pressure. The hydrostatic pressure cannot push the sealer out of the pores.
  • The sealer once applied does not need to be reapplied ever.
  • The sealer is so penetrative in nature that it can penetrate the surface even if there is a coat of latex paint on the surface that needs protection.

Bondall Multi-Surface Waterproofer

Bondall multi-surface wateproofer is an effective water repelling sealer that has the ability to penetrate dry and porous surfaces to form a barrier that protects the surface from water damage. The sealer is impervious to water but allows water vapor to come out, thus avoiding moisture retention.

Apart from all this the sealer can be used to protect a number of surfaces such as brick, mortar, masonry, concrete, tiles, stone, wood, canvas and even fabrics. Also it can be very easily painted over to give it a new color and look.

These are some of the waterproofing sealers that are being used commonly these days. The thing with these sealers is that although they are highly effective they are quite costly and hence you need to be sure about which type of sealer is required by you before making a purchase.

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