Brick Waterproofing Sealers

Masonry or brick waterproofing sealers are used for the purpose of preventing water from seeping into your house or your office through cracks in the walls, swimming pools, fountains and even patios. The advantage of using these sealers is that they can help in you in preventing water damage by offering a tough barrier to water. This helps you in reducing the cost associated with getting your brick work or masonry fixed, after it has been damaged. A large number of manufacturers these days offer brick waterproofing sealers which can be quite easily used.

A-Tech Masonry Sealer

A-Tech Masonry sealer is basically a water based silane/siloxane repellant that is both environment friendly and non-hazardous in nature. The advantage of using such a sealer is that it penetrates below the surface and is not at all visible on the outside. This means that the original look of the bricks is not changed by the application of this kind of sealant.
Though, the sealant is impermeable to water, it is totally permeable to water vapor. This means that it can be applied as soon as the masonry work is complete without having to worry about the scaling that appears as a result of water being trapped inside the bricks.

Chalk Locker Surface Conditioner

Another great masonry sealer is manufactured by Hy-Tech thermal solutions. Chalk Locker is basically a water based waterproofing sealer that consists of a high binding acrylic base. This means that it is specially formulated with a view to penetrate deep into the surface and then form a film that is impermeable to water. The major advantage of using Chalk Locker is that it can be used on previously painted bricks or concrete blocks.

Chargar Epoxy Waterproofing Agent

An epoxy waterproofing agent is a specially formulated resin which when mixed with an activator becomes self curing and hardens to form a ceramic like structure that is not permeable to water. A major advantage of using an epoxy agent is that it can be pigmented to get the desired color and forms a thin film on the surface on which it is applied. It can also be used for the following things:

  • Waterproofing foundations.
  • Coating pre-cast concrete tanks, submerged concrete units.
  • Water tanks carrying potable water.
  • Balconies of buildings.
  • Bridge columns.

MasonrySaver Water Sealant

MasonrySaver is basically a clear sealant that makes use of a solvent based RTV silicone elastomer. It provides for protection of masonry and brick work via the mode of penetration into the pores and sealing them from the inside. The product is known for its ease of application and its ability to resist hydrostatic pressure.
These are a few masonry or brick waterproofing sealers that are available in the market. But before one goes on to decide which sealant to use; it is prudent to contact the housing developer that has constructed your house because he would be the best person who would be able to tell you which product is the best for your use.

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