Waterproof Grout Sealer

In most of the construction scenarios out there, one of the biggest problems is how to handle water retention and water penetration which results in subsequent damage and loss to property. One method to avoid these losses is to take precautions and protect the surfaces from damage. This can be done by making use of waterproofing sealers. A large number of sealers are present out there which can be used to seal a number of construction materials and surfaces. One such class of sealers relates to waterproof grout sealers.

Waterproof grout sealers are used for the purpose of waterproofing and sealing cracks in grout and also for filling out the pores present in the grout. Let us take a look at some of the most widely used waterproof grout sealer out there.

Bostik Insta Pro Grout Sealer

Bostik Insta Pro is basically a water based silicone sealer that is designed specifically to seal and waterproof grout. The sealer is hydrophobic in nature and can be very easily applied to any grout surface to provide quick and easy protection.
The sealer works by coating the pores of the grout with a thin film that helps in keeping the water and the dirt out of the grout surface. The sealer is most suited for protection and upkeep of newly laid grout. It can also be used for cement based walls.
Some of the important uses of this sealer include the following.

  • It can be used for both floor as well as wall grout surfaces.
  • The usage can be both internal and external.
  • The sealer can also be used for cement based grout mixtures.
  • The most suited uses for the sealer include usage in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, etc.

Grout Perfect Colorseal waterproofing sealer

Colorseal is a grout sealer that is produced by Grout Perfect. The sealer is known for being a colored sealer that contains a mixture of concrete and urethane hardening agents. The sealer is basically a thick batter that can be used for the purpose of filling and eliminating pores in the surface of the grout. The sealer not only provides for a waterproofing action on the surface on which it is used, it also performs a mildicide action that provide for a germ free surface for a number of years.

The sealer just like other grout sealers works by forming a thin layer over the surface of the grout that fills in the pores and makes the grout waterproof.

Crommelin Grout Sealer

Grout Sealer is another waterproofing product from the house of Crommelin. The sealer is basically a clear water repellent sealer that  is known for its use on low porosity surfaces. The sealer is different from others sealers as it provides for a clear, transparent coating that is highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

The advantage of using this sealer is that apart from being clear, the sealer is resistant to airborne pollutants and contains a fungicide that can help you in keeping your floor or protected surface free from germs.

These are some of the widely used grout sealers that are available in the market these days.

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