Waterproof Sealer

Each and every household or office has its own problems related to damage caused due to water retention or water seepage. Water damage due to water retention in the walls of your homes or office spaces can cost a lot to repair. So the best method to protect yourself from this kind of loss, is to prevent water retention or seepage altogether. This is done with the help of waterproof sealers. A large number of companies out there make waterproof sealers which can help you in protecting a wide variety of surfaces from water damage. Let us take a look at few of the well know waterproof sealers which are available in the market these days.

Radonseal Standard Deep Penetrating Sealer

Radonseal Standard Sealer is basically a penetrating reactive concrete sealer that works by penetrating the surface to be protected and reacting with the free lime to form plugs that help keep out water from the surface. The sealer is useful for a number of applications such as basements, slabs, garages, parking areas, factory floors, driveways, etc.
The sealer also has many other advantages, some of which are discussed below.

  • It protects against water and can withstand high water pressure.
  • The sealer lets water vapor escape from the surface that is being protected.
  • Apart from this the sealer also helps in strengthening the surface that has been protected.
  • Another big advantage is that it is permanent in nature and needs no reapplication.
  • Protection is provided against deterioration, spalling, freeze-thaw cycles, most chemicals, carbonization, etc.

Chargar Epoxy Waterproof Thermo Setting Sealer

This sealer is a specially formulated thermo setting sealer that when mixed with water gets activated and hardens to form a ceramic non porous impermeable film. The film can also be colored by using color packs which are available in the market. The advantage of using this sealer is that it can be applied using a thin brush and has the ability to withstand hydrostatic pressure.

The sealer can be used to protect a number of surfaces such as porous surfaces, fine cracks, voids, lining of tanks, trough pipes, utility ducts, etc. Apart from this the sealer can also be used to protect fish ponds, waterfalls, fountains, water cisterns, etc.

Ames Blue Max Liquid Rubber Sealer

Ames Blue Max Liquid Rubber Sealer is a special high strength elastomeric sealer that is impenetrable and can be used for waterproofing in extreme wet situations. The sealer flows into cracks and crevices as a liquid when applied and sets to form a coating that is waterproof in nature. The sealer is also an excellent coating for insulated concrete as well as other types of surfaces such as metal, wood, concrete, etc.

These are some of the sealers which are available in the market and which can help in protecting a large number of surfaces. The thing with waterproof sealer is that they are quite effective in protecting against water damage but they are also quite costly in nature. Hence, what you need to look out for is the right kind of sealer for the surface you are protecting, because the cost associated with testing a sealer might be prohibitive in nature.

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