Concrete Waterproof Sealer

Concrete waterproof sealers are the coatings that are applied on concrete to make it impervious to water or to protect it from damage caused by moisture. Most of the concrete sealers work in two ways. They either form a thin film like surface on which they are applied or they penetrate the tiny pores in the concrete in effect closing them from the inside.

Concrete waterproof sealers are manufactured by a large number of companies and they are used to protect concrete structures both in residential complexes and office spaces. Let us throw some light on some of the concrete sealers which are available in the market commercial or residential usage.

Krystol T1/T2 Concrete Sealer

Krystol T1/T2 is not like your traditional membrane based waterproofing sealer. It is a permanent sealer that can be used for the protection, repair and maintenance of all kinds of structure made out of concrete. The sealer is basically a slurry that can applied to existing concrete structures using a brush.
After application the sealer enter the concrete structure either through capillary action or through the process of diffusion. After this has happened, the active crystalline chemicals close the pores inside the concrete to make the concrete water-tight.
It has several advantages over traditional concrete sealers. These include:

  • Impermeability to water lasts for the whole life of the concrete structure.
  • It can be applied to even wet concrete and does not require re-application.
  • It is suited to withstand high hydrostatic pressure.
  • The sealer has self healing ability i.e. if micro-cracking appears the sealer gets re-activated and helps in protection from moisture.

Duram’s Cryst-O-Seal

Duram’s Cryst-O-Seal is a ready to use waterproofing sealer that is cement based in nature. Since it is water based, it only requires addition of water in order to be used to coat and protect surface. It works by penetrating the surface of the cement structure and reacting with the free lime to form insoluble calcium compounds.

In general only one or two coats of the sealer are required to protect a surface. The application can be done either via medium hard block brush or a notched trowel. The major advantage of using this sealer is that it has a long service life and it adds to the strength of the surface that is being a protected by it.

Concrete Remedy Internal Deep Seal

Concrete Remedy Internal Deep Seal is a penetrating surface protector. This means that it enters into the pores of the concrete surface on which it has been applied and reacts with the free lime and alkali inside the surface to form plugs that help in keeping moisture and water out. This means that the sealer apart from preventing water from entering the concrete surface helps in increasing the strength of the structure as a whole. The advantage of using this is sealer is that it can be very easily applied and can even be applied on wet surface, unlike other sealers which require the surface to be dry before application. Another added advantage of using this is that it dries rather quickly and protects the surface in the best way possible.

These are a few of the concrete waterproof sealers that are available with retailers in the market and which can be easily purchased and used for the purpose of protecting your concrete structures.

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