Cement Sealer Waterproof

There are several different kinds of cement sealer waterproof specialist products available in the market these days. These sealants are basically used to make cement structures impervious to water. Most of these sealers work on the principle of penetrating into the surface and locking out the water from inside the structure. Let us take a look at the various options available when it comes to cement sealers that are used to make cement structures waterproof.

V-STOP WB-HD Brick and Block Sealer

V-Stop WB-HD is basically a water based sealer which is used for the purpose of sealing dense surfaces such as bricks, concrete slabs, etc. The advantage of using this sealant is that it is siloxane/silane based hence it is water repelling and also that it is non-staining and does not turn yellow after usage.
The sealer can be applied with a brush or a spray mechanism and can effectively protect any concrete surface. The sealer works by penetrating the surface and filling in the gaps that are present in the surface.

Lone Star Super-Seal Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Super-Seal is basically a ready to use, no-mix sealant that can be used to waterproof concrete or cement surfaces. The sealer is non-toxic in nature and is water soluble; hence it can be very easily applied to the surface that needs protection.

It works by filling the cavities and pores in the cement structure with insoluble gel that prevents water from entering the structure and also helps in increasing the tensile strength of the structure itself. The advantage of using this sealer is that apart from providing protection against moisture, the sealer protects the surface from external abrasion. Also since the sealer helps in increasing the strength of the structure it is widely used by people in the construction industry to waterproof as well as strengthen concrete or cement.

WET Alkali Activated Moisture Barrier - CONSEAL

WET Alkali Activated Moisture Barrier is a waterproofing sealer that waterproofs, hardens and preserves both old as well as new concrete. It helps in preventing water retention and build up of radon gas. Apart from this, the sealer also helps in preventing the development of mold and mildew. The sealer works by penetrating the cement surface where it reacts with the free lime and the alkalis to fill in all the pores and the minute gaps and bond all the particles into a solid mass. This solid mass acts as a seal against both water and radon gas.


  • Becomes integral part of the concrete structure.
  • Eliminates dusting and flaking.
  • Makes concrete harder by almost 18 percent
  • Helps in increasing the thermal mass of the concrete by almost 40 percent.
These are a few of the most commonly used cement sealer waterproof specialists that are used both in commercial as well as residential premises. The advantages of using these sealers is that they protect your concrete or cement structures from any kind of damage thus helping in prevention of costs related to fixing or repair of those structures.

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