Concrete Sealer Waterproof

One of the many problems associated with the use of concrete is the problem associated with moisture retention. Many basements and office workspaces have been rendered useless just because of this problem and even you must have at some time in your life come across a problem that involved water retention or water penetration in concrete structures.

But, this problem in no longer a lingering issue and this has been possible due to advancements in the field of concrete sealers. These days there are a large number of companies that are engaged in the development and manufacturing of concrete sealer waterproof products. These products can be used for the purpose of removing all the problems associated with water and concrete structures. Let us take a look at some of the concrete sealers available in the market.

Concrete Treat: Concrete Blanket and Sealer

Concrete Blanket and Sealer is an easy to apply concrete sealer that is known for its long service life. This type of sealer is odorless and environmentally friendly in nature. Apart from this one of the biggest advantages of using this product is that it dries very quickly (it takes only 2-4 hours to dry). Concrete Blanket and Sealer can be applied using either a paint brush or a spraying mechanism.

An added advantage is that instead of coating your concrete surface like paint, it penetrates the surface thus eliminating peeling issues relating to peeling and flaking completely. It works by forming a glass like silicate bond with your concrete structure which helps in keeping the water and efflorescence out.

Seal-A-Crete Sealer

The Seal-A-Crete sealer is a chemical sealer that works by penetrating the concrete surface and reacting with the free lime and alkali to fill in the porous voids present in the concrete. The sealer forms a permanent seal as the result of the reaction between the sealer and the free lime and alkali is the formation of a solid mass.
It has numerous advantages over other types of concrete sealer. These include:

  • Stopping of hydrostatic pressure.
  • Purging of contaminants from within the concrete.
  • Non-toxic and environment friendly in nature.
  • Improves the strength of the concrete structure by almost 20 percent.
  • Low cost as compared to other sealers out there.

Bondall Paving and Concrete Sealer

The Bondall Paving and Concrete Sealer is a water based sealer that gives a clear finish when applied over a number of surfaces such as concrete pavers, floors, stone surfaces, slate, unglazed tiles, etc. The sealer can be used both indoors as well as outdoors and is known for its resistance to wear and tear.

The advantage associated with using this sealer is that it is dust resistance and hard wearing in nature. Apart from this the product gives a glossy finish to the surface on which it is applied.
These are a few of the concrete sealer waterproof products that are available in the market these days. One of the most important things that needs to be taken into consideration while purchasing such a sealer is the effectiveness and the service life of the sealer. If the service life is long and the sealer is known for providing a high degree of protection, then cost should not be taken as criterion for the selection of the sealer.

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