Waterproof Epoxy Sealer

There are several different types of waterproofing products available in the market these days. Some rely on forming a protective film on the surface while others rely on penetrating the surface and providing protection from the inside. But there is one class of sealers that stands out from the rest. These sealers are known for the protective abilities as well as their flexibility and agility. These sealers are epoxy sealers. These days several manufacturers distribute different kinds of waterproof epoxy sealer. Let us take a look at some of these and see which are suited for which use.

Epoxy Polyurethane System #495

Epoxy Polyurethane System #495 is a membrane based waterproofing solution that comes in a liquid form and can be applied externally on a surface to protect it. The sealer is seamless, flexible in nature and non-responsive to ultraviolet radiation. Apart from these there are several qualities in the system that makes it different from other systems in the same category. These include anti-skid features, resistance to sunlight, customizable product.

These system can be used for a number of applications ranging from waterproofing raised sidewalks, balconies, concrete and wooden decks, coolers, animal housings, locker rooms, showers to utility rooms, secondary containments, mechanical equipment rooms, etc.

ITW Gluvit Epoxy Waterproof Sealer

The advantage with using Gluvit is that it is paintable and can be used for protecting surfaces that cannot otherwise be protected. Since the protective coating flexes with the surface that is to be protected, there is no place which remains unprotected.
The advantages of using this sealer include.

  • Can be applied easily on the bottom or the top side of any surface.
  • Can be used for the protection of a variety of surfaces such as wood, steel, aluminum, etc.
  • The sealer can be used along with paints and can be very easily painted on.
  • The sealer forms a layer on the surface being protected thus making the surface abrasion and impact resistant in nature.
  • It is also very cost effective as 10 mils of the sealer can be used to cover almost 25 sq. ft.

SealBoss Flexcoat

SealBoss Flexcoat is an epoxy sealer that is solvent free and non gassing in nature. The sealer is known for its excellent thermal stability and can be applied quite easily at any thickness. Apart from this the sealer has a very good low temperature flexibility and can be used both for interior and exterior applications.

The advantage of using this sealer is that it can be mixed with fillers to reduce cost per unit and can be used for protecting a number of areas such as vehicular traffic areas, balconies, industrial floors, stalls, wash racks, pedestrian traffic surfaces, etc. Also since the sealer is self leveling and fast curing, it can be very effectively used for filling cracks, voids and joints.

These are some of the waterproof epoxy sealers that are available in the market these days and which can be very easily purchased and used for the purpose of protecting a number of surfaces.

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