Waterproof Brick Sealer

Brick walls have an inherent problem; they are prone to water retention and damage that may occur due to rain or seepage of water. The biggest issue is when the brick wall in your house retains water spoiling the paint that has been done on the wall. The best way to get rid of this problem of water retention and water damage is by making use of a waterproof brick sealer. There are several different kinds of sealers available in the market these days which can be used to seal your brick walls. Let us take a look at some of the easily available and widely used waterproof sealers.

Amteco Silox-Seal Masonry Water Repellent

Amteco Silox-Seal Masonry water repellent is basically a water based sealant that works by penetrating the surface on which it is applied. The sealer is free from any kind of solvent or hazardous chemicals and is environmentally safe. The sealer works by forming a hydrophobic layer inside the brick or masonry work which helps in repelling water, thus protecting the outer surface. There are several advantages associated with using this sealer. These include:

  • Since protection is through penetration it is much more durable and long lasting.
  • There are no fire hazards as the sealer is water based instead of alcohol or solvent based.
  • The sealer also fills in cracks and joints so water cannot enter through them.
  • The sealer has a very mild odor so can be used in buildings that are already occupied.

Shields-All Clear Sealer

Shields All Clear sealer is manufactured and marketed by Hy-Tech thermal solutions and is one of those brick and masonry sealers that are acrylic based. The sealer is hydrophobic in nature and can be used as reinforcing agent in case of latex paints. The advantage of using the sealer is that although it is impervious to water, it lets water vapor to pass through, thus removing the problem of moisture retention in surfaces.

The sealer can be very easily applied just like a paint and can its coating can be tinted in order to get the desired colors. In case a clear color is required, no tinting needs to be done as the sealer forms a clear coat. The sealer is best suited to places where in there is need to retain the original look of the underlying masonry or brick work.

KCL Commercial Red Brick Sealant

KCL Commercial Red Brick sealant is a sealer that can be used for the purpose of waterproofing porous building materials. The advantage of using this sealer is that apart from providing water protection, the sealer helps in significantly adding to strength and life of the structure that is being protected. Apart from this the sealer helps in avoiding the growth of moss as well as mold.

These are a few of the waterproof brick sealers that are available in the market and which can be effectively used to protected any kind of brick or masonry structure from problems of water retention and water damage as a result of water seepage or rainfall.

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