Waterproof Mastic Sealer

Though these days a large number of different varieties of sealants are available in the market, but there are certain applications wherein these traditional sealants are not at all effective. This is the case when there is a need for a sealant that is flexible and which can stay flexible even after being applied to a surface, for example, waterproofing a joint that can be moved. In such a case, the only thing that can help you out is a waterproof mastic sealer.

Waterproof mastic sealers are a special type of sealer which stays flexible even after application, hence they can be used in places where normal or traditional sealers cannot be used. A large number of companies now days manufacture these kind of sealers. Let us take a look at a few of the popular ones that are available in the market.

RCD Corporation #6 Mastic

The #6 Mastic from RCD Corporation is a sealant that is used by home weatherization contractors. The sealer is used for the purpose of waterproofing and insulating joints and cracks. The sealer is known for being fire resistant and weather resistant. Apart from this the sealer contains ceramic microsphere which add to the strength of the surface on which it is applied. The sealer is also almost odorless and has a low VOC count.

AKT Mastic Sealer

The mastic sealer manufactured by AKT is basically a metal adhesive that is based on rubber. The sealant is solvent free and can be very easily applied at room temperature with the help of pressure pumps. The sealer is known for producing a coating that is flexible and highly elastic in nature.

The advantage associated with using this sealer is that it can be produced in a number of different grads such as low strength and expansion type or medium strength and general type.

Somay Mastic Sealer & Protector

Another great waterproof mastic sealer is manufactured and marketed by Somay Products Inc. The sealer is known for providing a protective waterproof cover to almost any type of surface or joint. The sealer which is available in a variety of colors is also used for the purpose of protecting roofs from strong winds.

The application of the sealer is quite easy and can be done by any individual by following some simple steps.

  • Clean the surface so that the surface is free from anything that would interfere with the adhesion process of the sealer.
  • Use high pressure water to clean the surface and remove any mildew with 2% chlorine solution.
  • After this has been done, the sealer can be applied on to the surface.
  • The application of the sealer needs to be uniform so that effective protection is provided to the surface being protected.

These are some of the waterproof mastic sealers that are available in the market these days for use in residential as well as commercial complexes. The thing with mastic sealers is that they are flexible and can be used in areas where normal sealers cannot be used. Hence they are suited for a variety of applications.

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