Waterproof Tile Sealer

Tiles waterproofing is one area where most of the major waterproofing sealers fail. Why? Simply because most of the tiling work is done in bathrooms and kitchens which are constantly marauded by water, something that is not suited to typical waterproofing solutions. Tile waterproofing in most cases requires protection even in constantly wet conditions. Apart from this, the texture of tiles does not allow many waterproofing agents to stick to the tiles.

This is where specially formulated waterproof tile sealer comes into the picture. These kinds of sealers are now being manufactured by many companies. Let us take a look at a few of them and see which ones are the best suited for which type of applications.

Crommelin Elastoseal HD

Crommelin Elastoseal HD is an elastomeric membrane that is known for its high tensile strength. The sealer is basically a heavy duty neoprene compound that can be used for the purpose of protecting and waterproofing tiles. The sealer is known for its excellent elongation properties and tends to remain watertight even in permanently wet conditions.

Apart from being used on tiles, the sealer can also be used to protect a number of surfaces from water damage such as reinforced concrete, balconies, roofs, retaining walls, basements, etc.

Wrimco PSC Sealer

Wrimco PSC sealer is a water based penetrating sealer that works by entering the surface of porous materials and protects these surfaces from the inside. The sealer is primarily a flouro chemical sealer and can be used to seal settings that are permanently under water.
Some of the principle characteristics of the sealer include the following.

  • The sealer is water-based; hence it has a low viscosity and is easy to apply.
  • The sealer forms a layer over the surface that is to be protected. This layer is impervious to water but allows water vapor to pass through.
  • Apart from this the sealer repels both water as well as oils.
  • Since the sealer bonds with the surface on which it is applied, it adds to the strength and durability of the surface in the long run.
  • The sealer forms a near colorless, invisible coating; hence it does not affect the natural look and feel of the surface that has been coated by it.

Durabit Reo Waterproof Membrane

Durabit Reo is a polymer emulsion waterproofing membrane that is water based and which can be used to both waterproof and internally reinforce the surface that is coated by it. The distinctive feature of the sealer is that it incorporates into itself micro fibers which add to the durability and effectiveness of the sealer.

Since the sealer cures to form a durable, impervious membrane that resists getting damaged even when immersed in water it is great for use in areas which are constantly under water or exposed to water. Apart from all this, the sealer is quite easy to apply and use.

These are some of the waterproof tile sealers which are commonly used by construction agencies and individual users to protect and waterproof the tiling work in their homes as well as offices.

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