Waterproof Masonry Sealer

One of the most important parts of any house or an office space is the masonry work that has been done there. And since masonry is very important, you need to protect it from any kind of damage. One of the biggest problems with masonry is that it retains water and gets spoiled by water seepage or leakage. So what can be done to overcome this problem? Well, the most outright solution would be to make use of a waterproof masonry sealer. There are several different masonry sealers available in the market these days. Let us take a look at some of the popular ones and see which are suited for what type of applications.

Hy-Tech Chalk Locker #10

Chalk Locker #10 is a clear masonry sealer that is waterborne and has a highly binding acrylic base. The sealer is designed to work by penetrating the surface that needs to be protected and then protecting the surface from the inside. Once inside the surface that needs to be protected, the sealer forms a tough, water proof yet flexible film that protects the complete surface from any kind of water damage. The thin film does not allow water to enter the surface but still allows any retained water vapor to escape from the surface, thus protecting the surface from within.
Some of the advantagess of this water based sealer include the following.

  • It can be used on painted cement, concrete blocks and even stucco.
  • The sealer when used on new cement also helps in neutralizing the alkaline nature of the cement which allow for proper spreading of paint on the surface.
  • The sealer can also be used for protection of exterior surfaces and even wood.
  • Apart from all this, the sealer increases the durability to the surface that is to be protected and is environmentally safe.

Thoroseal Waterproofing Sealer

Thoroseal waterproofing sealer is manufactured and marketed by Thoro Consumer Products. The sealer is specially designed to be used for heavy duty waterproofing of both cement and masonry surfaces. The sealer is designed to be used on both exterior and interior surfaces and helps in resisting hydrostatic pressure.

The advantage of using this sealer is that it can hold water out of the surface and actually becomes a part of the surface that it is protecting. The sealer is NSF approved and can also be used in waterproofing water tanks that store potable water. Apart from this the sealer is compatible with a large number of coatings and finishes and hence can be used for protecting almost all kinds of masonry structures.

Umaco Transeal Acrylic Sealer

Transeal is an acrylic sealer which is solvent based and can be applied on any external masonry or cement structure to protect it from water damage. The sealer can be applied on surfaces such as masonry, concrete, stucco, brick, block, flagstone, granite and even limestone. The sealer works by forming a long lasting transparent film on the surface which needs to be protected. It is available in different types of finishes such as gloss or matte.

These are some of the masonry sealers that are available in the market and which can be used for the purpose of making masonry structures water resistant.

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