Waterproof Paint Sealer

When it comes to the topic of waterproofing solutions, a large number of different kinds of sealers are available for use. These include sealers such as epoxy sealers, concrete sealers, stucco sealers, acrylic sealers, etc. but there is one class of sealers that are different from the rest. These are waterproof paint sealers. Waterproof paint sealers can be used for providing a painted finish for your surface and also to protect the surface from any kind of water damage. Most of the paint companies these days have started offering waterproof paint sealer. Let us see how they work and which companies offer them.

Duram Rainkote Smart Paint

Duram Raincoat is an acrylic based waterproofing paint that comes with a twelve year protection guarantee. The paint is long lasting, provides protection against water damage and safeguards against UV exposure. The sealer paint is available in a number of colors so you do not have to limit yourself while selecting a color. Also since the sealer gives a very fine finish, it does not need to be topped off with other paints.
Some of the inherent advantages of using this pant sealer include the following.

  • The paint is resilient, weather proof and resistant to UV radiation.
  • The sealer can be very easily applied with a large coverage and can also be used to seal joints and cover small cracks.
  • The sealer paint also contains fungicide that protects the underlying surface from the growth of fungi and mould.
  • The sealer requires a maintenance coat only every 5 years, so it is easy to maintain.

Safe-T-Kote Skid Resistant Waterproof Paint

Safe-T-Kote is not your traditional waterproofing solution; it is much more than that. The sealer is known for its anti-skid properties and can be used to protect a number of different surfaces. It is ideal for use on staircases, basements, porches, entrances, exits, decks, laundry areas, etc.

The advantage of using this sealer is that it is available in a large number of colors and can be very easily applied with a brush to almost any surface that needs protection.

A1 Pond Paint Sealer

A1 Pond paint is a water based sealer that has an epoxy resin as an active ingredient. The sealer works by forming a resin coating over the surface that needs protection. The sealer possesses most of the features that are possessed by traditional epoxy sealers.

A big advantage of using this paint sealer is that it can be applied on damp surfaces, something that cannot be done with other conventional paint sealers. Also since it is applied just like an emulsion paint it dries quite easily and forms a coating that is weatherproof. The sealer is also non toxic in nature and resistant to most chemicals.

These are a few of the waterproof paint sealers which are available in the market these days. These sealers are preferred over traditional sealers because they can applied just like paints and take less time to dry up and become effective in protecting the surface on which they are applied.

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