Waterproof Pva Sealer

Polyvinyl Alcohol Sealers or PVA sealers are used for a large number of applications these days. One of those applications is waterproofing of various different types of surfaces through the use of waterproof PVA sealer. PVA sealers are distinct from other types of sealers in the fact that they are suitable for bonding with almost all types of surfaces, which is not the case with traditional sealers. Let us see some of the most widely used PVA sealers and see for which type of waterproofing applications can they be used.

Screwfix No Nonsense Waterproof PVA

This is basically a water based sealer that also acts as a adhesive and a primer. The sealer is known for its great bonding properties. In fact it is designed to bond with most of the household as well as building materials. The sealer is most suited for use on porous surfaces. These include surfaces such as dusty walls, concrete pavements, walls, flooring and ceilings.
The major benefit of using this sealer is that apart from providing protection from water damage the sealer adds to the strength and robustness of the surface that has been protected. Also since the sealer is easy to mix and apply, it is a great waterproofing tool that can be used in construction purposes.
Some of the important characteristics of the sealer are summarized below.

  • The sealer comes in a liquid form and can be directly applied to the surface that needs protection.
  • The sealer’s color is white and not transparent and this should be taken into account before application.
  • Also the sealer is non-toxic in nature and does not undergo bioaccumulation.
  • Apart from all this, the sealer is non-combustible in nature.

Henkel Unibond Waterproof PVA

Unibond Waterproof PVA is a bonding as well as an adhesive agent that is known for its waterproofing qualities. The sealer is known for its high grade formula that makes it great for use in areas that are prone to water retention and water damage. The sealer is also suited to being used as a bonding agent in cement renders and floor screeds. Apart from this, the PVA sealer can also be used as an additive in mortar and help to make mortar structures waterproof.

The good thing about this sealer is that it is the first sealer that has been approved by the B.B.A. and has been able to pass its external standards along with having B.S. accretions.

Evo-Bond Waterproof PVA

Evo-bond waterproof PVA is a waterproof adhesive, admixture and primer. The sealer is a waterproofing solution and is ideal for use in wet as well external conditions. The sealer can be used for the purpose of waterproofing cement structures and it also can also be used with renders. The sealer also acts as a protective and strengthening agent as it adds to the strength of the surface on which it is being used.

These are some of the waterproof PVA sealers that are dong rounds in the market and are being used by people in construction to protect buildings and surfaces from water damage.

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