Waterproof Sealer For Metal

Metal surfaces when exposed to water or moisture for a very long period of time tend to rust. This is the reason why metal surfaces need to be protected from water or moisture. Not many traditional waterproof sealers are capable of protecting metal surfaces from water damage. This is where specially designed waterproof sealer for metal comes into the picture. These sealers are designed to bond to the metal surface and protect the surface from damage, something that other traditional sealers are not able to do. Let us take a look at a few of these sealers and see which sealers are good when it comes to protecting metal surfaces.

Rubberize-It Liquid Rubber Water Proofe

Rubberize-it is a sealer that is environmentally safe, easy to use and can be used to protect metal surfaces from water damage. The sealer coating is highly elastic in nature and can be used to protect leaky roofs, skylights, and even ponds.
The advantages of using the sealer include the following.

  • It bonds to almost any construction material and can even protect against any metal surface.
  • The sealer has the ability to elongate up to 850% with 95% recovery.
  • The sealer also has the ability to withstand thermal cycling.
  • Since this is a one coat system, it needs to be applied only once.
  • Also the sealer is environmentally safe and non toxic in nature.

Ames Commercial Waterproofing For Metal

Ames commercial waterproofing for metal is a specially formulated formula that can be used to protect metal surfaces. The sealer is water based and non-toxic in nature. It can be used to protect leaking metal roofs, oxidizing aluminum, and even rusty metal surfaces.
The sealer is known for being VOC free and has a very low odor. This makes it suited to applications inside homes and office buildings. Apart from this the sealer also protects the surface from any kind of scratches.

Hy-Tech XClear Hard Acrylic Sealer

XClear is a 100% acrylic based sealer that is known for its water repelling properties. The sealer is a clear sealer and has been formulated to provide protection from moisture retention and also from the effects of weathering that has been caused due to water accumulation. The sealer has a high bonding strength and this is the reason why it can be used to protect metal surfaces.

A bid advantage of the sealer is that it can be used on a number of surfaces apart from metal such as stone, drywall, adobe, wood, previously painted surfaces, chalked surfaces, masonry, tile, etc. The sealer can be used on both vertical as well as horizontal surfaces.

These are a few of the sealers which can be used for the protection of metal surfaces. The thing with these sealers is that they can be very easily applied to the surface that needs protection and once protection has been provided the coated surfaces can remain protected from the effects of water damage for many number of years before reapplication is required.

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