Waterproof Cement Sealer

Cement surfaces are present in almost every home and office. This is the reason why it is important to take the appropriate steps required to protect these surfaces from damage that is caused by water. There are so many waterproof cement sealer available in the market these days, but the biggest challenge is going for a sealer that is capable of solving your problems. Let us take a look at some of the best and most widely used waterproof cement sealer available in the market and find out what kind of problems can be tackled by using these sealers.

Bio-Vee Concrete Sealer

Bio Vee Concrete Sealer is your typical cement surface waterproofing agent and protector. The sealer works by penetrating the surface that needs to be protected. Since the sealer is penetrative in nature, it sets inside the surface, thus increasing the strength and life of the surface in the process. Apart from this the sealer helps in eliminating bacteria and mildew growth by keeping water away from the surface.

The sealer works by reacting with the free lime inside the cement surface to form a potassium hybrid that repels water and fills in the pores to increase tensile strength and at the same time keep water from entering the surface.

Conseal 1000 Cement Sealer

Conseal 1000 is a cement sealer that is manufactured by WET sealers. The sealer is being marketed as the ultimate cement sealer that can be used for waterproofing, hardening, dust proofing and even preserving both old as well as new concrete and cement surfaces. The sealer also acts by penetrating the surface, reacting with the free lime and forming minute plugs which close all the pores in the surface.
The advantages associated with using this sealer include:

  • The sealer becomes an integral part of the concrete or cement surface on which it is applied.
  • The sealer is quite effective in warm weather and can even prevent temperature cracking.
  • The sealer is also known for making the surface almost 18 percent harder than before.
  • Also since the sealer is a thermal agent too, it increases the thermal mass of the surface by as much as 40 percent.

Moxie 1600 Cement Sealer/Cleaner

Moxie 1600 is a ready to use, clear, non-toxic liquid that can be used for the purpose of protecting cement and concrete surfaces from water damage and damage due to efflorescence attack on the surface. The sealer is composed of inorganic complex compounds that penetrated up to seven inches inside the surface and form cementious materials inside the surface to protect the surface from the inside.

The advantage of using this sealer is that it is a ready to use liquid and can be used for both exterior and interior decorative applications. Apart from this the sealer is cost effective and can even remove petroleum products from the surfaces on which it is applied.

These are some of the waterproof cement sealers that are available in the market and can be used easily and effectively to ensure that the cement structures in your home and office are protected from water damage.

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